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Cited: CNN

Embattled former Penn State football assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, ┬ácan visit with his grandchildren according to a ruling by a judge overseeing the case. The former Penn state assistant is currently under house arrest awaiting trial in the sexual molestation case that has surrounded Sandusky and the entire Penn State football program and university since the startling revelations earlier this year. Prior to today’s ruling, the terms of Sandusky’s house arrest prohibited him from seeing any of his eleven grandchildren.

Judge John Cleland ruled today that Sandusky can visit with eight of his eleven grandchildren while under adult supervision. The other three children are in the middle of a custody case and their mother has requested that Sandusky not be allowed to visit with her children. Others close to the case such as State Attorney General Linda Kelly said that she is opposed to Judge Cleland’s decision and that Sandusky is lucky to be out under house arrest considering the gravity of his alleged crimes, 52 counts of sexual abuse. She went on to say that Sandusky should not be allowed out of his home, free to walk around the grounds because neighbors and a local school that have expressed their concern about Sandusky being out in public with so many young children surrounding their home.

Judge Cleland ruled that the state did not present any evidence showing that Sandusky tried to contact any local school children and therefore posed no risk to the community while confined to his home. He also ruled that Sandusky could receive visits from adult friends and family and that he can leave his home to meet with legal professionals working on his case provided that he advise an probation official about the trips.

Sandusky’s trial is tentatively set to begin on May 14, and could go on for quite some time considering the number of allegations he is facing as well as the evidence that will be presented against him. Along with Sandusky, two other Penn state officials are facing charges stemming from the crimes committed by Sandusky. Tim Curley, former Penn State AD and Gary Schultz, head of campus police, are charged with perjury and failing to report a sexual assault of a child.

My take:

I guess he should be allowed to see his grandchildren as long as its ok with their parents. I would love to find out more about the one family within the family that doesn’t want him to see the kids. It sounds like one of the Sandusky children is going through a divorce and the kids are being put in the middle of the fray.